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Greetings, earthlings. Anna here. I like drawing naughty lady bits and friendly dildos. Also Pokemon. All characters depicted are 18+.
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  1. Full Basic - Gryphman: complete
  2. Full Lines - NelsonNoir (FA): complete
  3. Full Basic - teckly (FA): complete

Payments & Refunds

I only accept PayPal in USD. I will NOT do art requests outside of raffles, and art trades are generally reserved for friends. Payment must be made IN FULL before I start on your commission. Once payment has cleared, I will send a sketch for your approval. NO REFUNDS will be issued after the sketch is approved. I will allow for a maximum of 5 major image edits before an additional fee will be added to the final cost. Minor edits such as color changes do not apply and will not be penalized. I will keep you updated on the progress of your commission, and you will receive a hi-res image of the final when it is done. If requested, you may also receive a smaller watermarked image for posting to your own gallery and sites. This watermark must NOT be removed under any circumstances.

Rights & Permissions

If applicable, character rights are retained by the commissioner. Image rights, however, are retained by me. You may post your finished commission to your own gallery as long as my watermark remains on the image and proper credit is given. The watermark must not be removed under any circumstances. You may NOT make edits or modifications, redistribute or claim the image as your own. Violations will result in blacklisting from future commission requests and possible legal action if necessary.

Terms & Conditions

I reserve the right to refuse your request without reason or if it contains subject matter I am not comfortable with. Examples: I will not draw scat, inflation or rape under any circumstances. I am fine with watersports, feet, gore and most other fetishes. Please ask if you are unsure. I reserve the right to post your final image on my social media sites within an appropriate time frame dictated by my queue list, but I will leave you anonymous if requested.

By contacting me, you have read and agree to the terms & conditions stated above.

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